The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Scott Stephens is the counseling pastor at West End Baptist Church’s West End Counseling Center, a board member of Redeemer Biblical Counseling Training Institute, and a PhD student in the Biblical Counseling Program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To find out more about our counseling center (WECC), please call the church at 864-232-7312. Unforgiveness can have […]

Understanding God’s Will

I hate the old cliché about the Bible being man’s instruction manual, but Scripture is where the believer should go when seeking to understand God’s will. I believe most of us want to live within God’s will, but we make decisions without looking for the guidance He provides in Scripture.

What’s There to Worry About?

When in circumstances beyond my control, my worry was something that I had to address. My greatest obstacle was my lack of faith; would God help me? I remembered that Scripture claims that I should not be anxious about anything, but in everything, I should make my requests known to God (Phil 4:6-9).

Acting on God’s Commands

God’s revelation to us in His Word is powerful! It permeates the inner being of the believer, yet many times, we don’t live as if we believe that all of His Word applies to our lives.

What Is Lent?

Lent begins on February 14, 2024. Let’s commit to pray together as we read the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the 40 days before Easter.

A New Beginning

I am one of the people who makes goals every year. My problem is that I have too many goals. With so many, I’m fortunate that I complete some goals, but many stay on the list year after year. For instance, I’ve been rebuilding a car I drove in high school. For 36 years, it has been on my list of goals, but I have never completed this task.