w|e need to know if something isn’t right or needs attention! Please fill out the form and let us know what the issue is and we will get on it! 

Formerly known as the “Green Sheet.” Please fill out this form for use of the WEBC building or to schedule any church event whether on campus or off. Any church- or building-related events or ministries must complete this form and be approved by the church office. Thank you!

If you had permission to purchase something on behalf of the church, or need reimbursement, please fill out the Check Request Form and return it to the church office or to Genia at ghester@webcgreenville.org.

Scholarships are available to West End Baptist Church members for college. You must fill out the attached form and supply the requested documents (see application). Deadline to apply is May 19th. Return the completed application to info@webcgreenville.org.

If you were requested to fill in one of these forms, please print and return it to the church office or scan your completed copy to Genia at ghester@webcgreenville.org. These forms must include your signature.