By Pastor Marty Price

Last week I was talking with a good friend who is going through a time of transition in his life. As he shared his testimony and how God is working in his life, I loved the way he described the changes God is bringing about. He called it his “reboot,” which is a contemporary way of saying he is getting a fresh start. It is always encouraging for me to remember that God, in His grace, often brings about times of transition in order to allow us to reboot, to take stock of where we are, what we are doing, who we are called to be, and gives us a fresh start.

This pretty much describes us as a congregation. We are transitioning back to the West End, our home for the last 133 years.  We have regained a clear vision of why God is allowing us to go back – to Glorify God by making mature disciples of all nations, starting in the West End. We are prayerfully determining priorities for strategically connecting our community with the Gospel. We are constructing a building to be used as a resource for accomplishing our ministry. And we are ready, beyond ready, to get to work.

We emphasize three connections that are essential for our mission of Making Mature Disciples. We connect people with God through the Gospel and worship.  We connect people to grow through His Word and community. And we connect people to serve, both in the congregation and in the community, for His glory.  This month we are focusing on connecting the community to the congregation, particularly as we gather on Sunday mornings.

As we begin to gather in the West End, it is important that we prepare to serve God by serving one another and the community. There is a place for everyone to serve – by greeting people as they arrive, directing people to a parking spot, caring for babies and toddlers, teaching children and youth, running sound and video, driving a van, playing instruments, singing, making sure the location is safe and secure, following up with guests, moving chairs and tables as needed, and the list goes on.  There is a ministry for everyone.

On September 18th, we will have a family meeting with the clear goal of identifying specific ministries and functions that are necessary, and the groups/teams that are needed. This will be an interactive meeting for all youth and adults.  I am so excited to see what God is going to do through a congregation that is enthusiastically serving Him!  God is Good!

At our next meeting on October 23rd, we will be looking in a different direction.  The focus will be connecting the congregation with our community.  We will prayerfully seek specific strategies to get involved in our neighborhood, “in order that they may see [our] good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven.” Fun days, indeed!

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