The church with “w|e” in the name!

Pendleton Street Baptist Church is now WEST END BAPTIST CHURCH!    

     Approximately 132 years ago, a group of Greenville  residents  were  having  difficulties  forging  the  un-bridged Reedy River in order to attend Greenville First Baptist Church downtown. These church members   began meeting as a mission Sunday School in a room  above a grocery store. The group quickly grew until one year later, they were ready to become a church of their own: West End Baptist Church.

     Through the years, Greenville grew and changed, and so did our church. After building on Pendleton Street, West End Baptist changed the name to Pendleton Street Baptist Church, reflecting their new location.  Several buildings came and went at that location under the PSBC name. Then several years ago, the City of Greenville decided to annex part of Pendleton Street onto Main Street, thus changing the church’s street   address to 1100 S. Main.

     Pendleton Street Baptist Church was no longer on Pendleton Street. And, once the building on S. Main was sold, the church no longer met in the West End. 

     Which brings us to the present time. Regardless of where PSBC met on Sunday mornings, our hearts and our mission stayed in the West End of Greenville. We have been able to continue our GPS Children’s Program through the last few years in the West End, meeting at the former West End Community Center, later at our new office building at 123 Arlington Avenue, and now at Reconcile Community Church. We have home groups in the West End and have been able to maintain our offices in the West End as well – and in a few short months, we will be BACK IN THE WEST END,  officially in our own building at 123 Arlington,  for  Worship Services, classes, GPS, small groups, offices, and much more.  

     Our mission is simply this: We exist to glorify God by making mature disciples of all nations, starting in the West End of Greenville. Because of our mission and our ministry in the West End, the members of PSBC voted to change the church’s name back to West End Baptist Church. And we are coming back home to the West End of Greenville! (See our property update posts.) And praise God for all He has done!

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