Christian Life Academy Classes are for adults of all ages, with topics that vary each quarter. We encourage you to connect with one of these studies to strengthen your walk with God, and to be an encouragement to others. Classes meet every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at WEBC. Our new classes beginning in January are as follows:

Street Smarts: Learning to Navigate in Spiritual Conversations (Teacher, Parks Edwards)

Our culture today has created a difficult environment in which to engage in dialogue about spiritual things. It seems there are so many topics that ignite intense (and sometimes hostile) emotions between Christians and non-Christians. For many, it is easier to disengage from any spiritual dialogue with non-believers. However, such a response is to disobey Jesus’ command to spread the gospel. In this class, you will be equipped to engage others with the truth of the gospel and navigate spiritual conversations in a way that is wise, gracious, and grounded in the truth. 

Bible Studies for Life: Genesis 1-19 (Teachers, Dave Ballard and Oregon Lawton)

The old saying warns us that those who ignore the past are destined to repeat its mistakes. In Genesis 1-19, readers are given a front-row seat to where everything began, and how it all fell apart. Even more important, we see how a loving God moved to restore the shattered pieces by pointing His people toward a future hope.

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